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Level 3 Inspection Automation
Jul 07, 2021

Weigh stations are a dreaded stop for drivers, especially when law enforcement is standing by to perform inspections. By June 30, several states cut their Level 3 inspection times in half.

Drivewyze is the largest weigh station app in America, proven to save drivers and fleets time and money with bypasses at over 750 sites in 44 states and provinces. The app is available on fifteen select in-cab devices, including the App Store and Google Play.

The frequency at which drivers may bypass weigh stations depends on the carrier's Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores. Typically, a driver can bypass 50-75% of weigh stations with this subscription.

Unfortunately, drivers cannot skip out on weigh stations and inspections altogether. Now, this company is piloting an e-Inspection program that will allow an inspection to steal only a few moments of valuable time.

Drivewyze opened registration for this pilot program to carriers at the end of June. For Level 3 inspections taking place in the states of Maryland, Maine, and Virginia, the transfer of hours of service (HOS) information from electronic logging devices (ELDs) is automated with e-Inspection. Other states are expected to join the list once their agencies have completed software updates.

“That’s the CVSA goal,” said Kerri Wirachowsky, director of CVSA’s Roadside Inspection Program. “A Level 8 inspection is a Level 3 inspection without stopping the truck, and that’s what we’re working towards.

“They're all working at it from different angles, but the end goal is to achieve a level eight status.”

Western Express is one of several companies piloting this program. “I think in those [three] states it will help us make things more efficient and save time,” said Daniel Patterson, director of safety at Western Express.

Introducing e-Inspections addresses longstanding CSA data sufficiency problems. Inspectors will have more time to stop trucks and keep the safety scores of fleets up to date.

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