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Melton Truck Lines, Inc. Announces Largest Driver Pay Increase in Company History
Jun 02, 2021

Melton Truck Lines, a premier air-ride flatbed carrier based in Tulsa, Okla., recently announced a driver pay increase. All company drivers will receive some kind of increase. Melton’s pay scale still varies depending on experience and tenure.

Melton’s base pay increase keeps the company in the top industry pay scale according to the National Survey of Driver Wages. This increase starts student drivers at 47 CPM and will give the most experienced drivers 63 CPM. This company's willingness to hire and increase wages for student drivers alone is noteworthy in this industry.

In February 2021, Melton increased tarp pay from $50 to $100; far surpassing other flatbed carriers in the industry. Along with this increase, Melton drivers will be presented with numerous opportunities to earn additional pay. There's Melton’s $5,400 fuel bonus, additional 16 CPM pay for over-dimensional loads, extra 6 CPM pay for Canada and Hazmat loads, and various other opportunities.

“I’m so proud of our drivers’ unmatched bravery and dedication to the job, especially throughout this past year," said Chairman and CEO Bob Peterson. "They truly drive our company’s success, and we are pleased to offer a stable, highly rewarding career path. Given the current freight environment and gradual recovery from the pandemic, we are excited for what the rest of this year has in store. With industry-wide driver hiring challenges, we find our new pay package far exceeds other carriers when accounting for our $100 tarp pay, bonus pay, and additional opportunities.

"We know Melton flatbed drivers are the best in the country and deserve every penny. We will continue to maintain a culture of safety, professionalism and most of all – family – where everyone goes the extra mile to be exceptional.”

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