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Peterbilt Brings Brand-New Model 579 to Smith Transport
Jun 17, 2021

Companies across the country are competing aggressively with one another to snag drivers to sit their trucks. A number of factors contribute to each driver's choice between truck driving jobs: CPM, home time, etc. The unsung hero of these is equipment.

Equipment can be taken for granted by many, as most companies keep trucks mostly up-to-date. Smith Transport takes this several steps further with its Peterbilt Motors Company partnership. The exclusive arrival of the New Model 579 sparked excitement across the industry.

ďWe are excited to receive Peterbiltís first production New Model 579 with world-class comfort and overall performance and safety," Todd Smith, Smith Transport CEO, said. "For more than 80 years, the iconic Peterbilt brand has been leading the way in the transportation industry and we are proud to have them as our partner.

ďSmith Transportís first truck over 40 years ago was a Peterbilt, and for a majority of those years Hunter Peterbilt has been a dedicated partner of Smith Transport allowing us to provide our professional drivers with the best driving experience.

"The culture at Smith Transport is, 'People make a difference,' and with Peterbiltís first-class line of trucks, together we make a difference in service, safety and our people."

Smith Transport is an employee-owned company; drivers have a say here and are looking forward to adding this New Model 579. With each advancement of truck technology, aerodynamics, fuel-efficiency, and even advanced driver assistances systems are expected. What sets this truck apart is the interior.

When configured as an UltraLoft, this sleeper features the largest mattress in the industry, 70 cubic feet of space, and plenty of headroom from the eight-foot high ceiling. There is even room for small appliances: a 1.1 cubic foot microwave, a 32-inch TV, a tall wardrobe closet, multiple power outlets and optional bunkbeds with a clever fold-away ladder. These spacious sleepers can even double as a comfortable and convenient office for those owner operators looking to upgrade.

Credit: Peterbilt

"The superior features and quality of the New Model 579 combined with the UltraLoft sleeper have made it a truck that drivers aspire to drive, and with Peterbiltís legendary durability, the truck companies want to have in their fleets," said Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice president. "We are excited to hand the first set of keys to Smith Transport.

"We canít wait to see this new product start hitting the road now that they are in full production and rolling off the assembly line."

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