2019 Best Fleets To Drive For

2019 ‘Best Fleets’ Nominations Now Open

Drivers can nominate their companies until Oct. 31, top 20 announced in January

The nomination period for the 2019 Best Fleets to Drive For is now underway through Oct. 31.

The competition, underwritten by the Truckload Carriers Association and CarriersEdge and ongoing since 2008, seeks to identify and recognize the top tier carriers and what makes them so successful.

A theme of this year’s survey will be the driver as a valued partner, expanding on the way companies communicate on a day-to-day basis and address driver questions and issues. Compensation and diversity issues also will be tackled.

"Our industry is rapidly embracing innovative technologies and best practices that are making fleets safer and making life easier for our professional truck drivers,” TCA President John Lyboldt said in a news release announcing the nominations. “This contest showcases the most forward-thinking companies and steps they are taking to retain their skilled workforces.”

For a company to be eligible, drivers must nominate a for-hire fleet with 10 or more trucks operating in the United States or Canada. Membership in the Truckload Carriers Association is not required.

Once a nomination is accepted, the company will receive a questionnaire from CarriersEdge detailing various aspects of the workplace environment. That will be followed by telephone interviews with senior management and a random survey of drivers to confirm the degree with which companies are doing the practices they claim.

“The Best Fleets to Drive For competition is very important to us because we consider it to be a great marketing opportunity,” said TLD president and COO Jim Peters, whose company has been a Best Fleets three years running. “Part of this competition requires the company that hosts it actually calls 20 percent of our drivers to make sure what we’re saying we’re doing matches up with what the drivers are seeing and experience, so it’s really a proof-of-purchase situation.”

The top 20 finalists will be identified as Best Fleets to Drive Fort and announced in January. From that pool, the finalists will be divided into “small” and “large” carriers with the two overall winners announced at the TCA Convention in Las Vegas March 10-12.

Bison Transport (large fleet) and Central Oregon Truck Company (small fleet) were the overall winners in 2018.

“To us, it means just validation,” American Central Transport recruiting director Josh Mecca told Wright Media after his company made the list last year. “It’s validation that everything we’ve been working for over the last several years we’re on point.

“We strive to be that family carrier that gives our drivers all the benefits of the big-time carrier but with a family atmosphere and that family feel to everything, and this simply validates that we are one of the best. We know that, we’ve known that for years, but now the secret’s out.”


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