Top 10 World-Famous Truck Drivers

10. Sean Connery

Connery, best known for his role as the original James Bond, spent some time in an 18-wheel trucking machine before upgrading to the Aston Martin in Goldfinger.

9. Michael Lewis

Lewis is famous for his outstanding performance with the New Orleans Saints in the NFL. He stood out from his teammates with his unique recruitment: he did not play college football. His truck driving career often took him by the Mercedez-Benz Superdome, foreshadowing his successful career.

8. Jason Aldean

The chart-topping country rock star kept himself afloat by driving a truck before his career took off. To this day, he still shows his appreciation for the industry by donating to its worthy causes.

7. Richard Pryor

Listed as one of Rolling Stone’s top 50 comedians of all time, Pryor made his fame joking about the facilities at truck stops.

6. James Cameron

Cameron funded his start in film with his hard-earned truck driver cash. With these paychecks, he was able to buy a camera and shoot a 10-minute sci-fi mini-movie. His movies Avatar and Titanic are two of the highest-grossing films of all time.

5. Liam Nesson

Before joining the Lyric Players’ Theatre, Nesson made his way as a truck driver transporting Guinness across the country like a true Irishman. Now, he is an Oscar-nominated actor most famous for his big-screen role saving his daughter from her captors.

4. Rock Hudson

Close personal friends and on-screen love interest of Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson served as a truck driver in WW2 before making it big as the heartthrob of the mid-century.

3. Matt Craven

This star of X-Men: First Class kept up a trucker job (among a few others) to support his mother and sister before he found his lucrative love of acting.

2. Chevy Chase

This actor finished med school and hopped right into an 18-wheeler. The National Lampoon star soon made it into the Hollywood scene with his goofy facial expressions and comedic tone.

1. Elvis Presley

The king of rock also made his way in the trucking industry before breaking the Rock ‘N’ Roll charts. Infamously, an audition judge once told him, “Stick to truck driving, you’ll never make it as a singer.” Boy, did he prove them wrong.

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