Andrus Accelerates Final Mile

Many drivers waste away waiting to unload cargo. In the Los Angeles area, the average wait time is about 3.2 hours. For these drivers, it is no different: time is money. Andrus Transportation Service, Inc. is ahead of the curve, tapping Baton to handle the “final mile” of deliveries.

Baton was able to cut that 3.2 hours wait to 30 minutes in a recent pilot project. This company is solving some of the industry’s oldest problems with a tech-enabled network of drop zones and a plethora of local drivers.

Idle time is a major problem for all companies, especially trucking companies. In this unprecedented time of driver shortage and higher driver salaries, every hour wasted can cost more than $100 in lost revenue. This does not account for unhappy drivers, which can further dent productivity and increase turnover.

Baton estimates its software can increase a trucking company’s asset utilization by up to 50%. This company is already used by each of the industry’s top 10 companies. It only operates in Los Angeles currently, but will soon expand to three other huge cities: Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas.

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