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U.S. Xpress Adds New Business Unit
Jun 17, 2021

U.S. Xpress reinforces shippers through carrier enhancement with their new business unit, Xpress Technologies, as they encounter supply chain unpredictability. This approach provides better visibility into operations and helps transfer goods on time. Xpress Technologies brings access to steady, equitably priced freight even while carriers are heavily preoccupied. 

“As we digitally transform U.S. Xpress and develop a full suite of transportation solutions built for today’s supply chain, a robust digital brokerage capability has become an increasingly vital component of our long-term growth strategy," said Eric Fuller, president and CEO of U.S. Xpress. "With Xpress Technologies, we’ve made significant investments in talent and tech that will bring greater visibility, efficiency, and flexibility for shippers and carriers alike." 

The company is excelling at its mission of efficiently moving goods by reevaluating its brokerage segment. Xpress Technologies is guided by new leadership that makes use of its developed technologies to accredit success for carriers and shippers. This style allows the company to build and scale a digital freight marketplace that strengthens service. 

The new business unit’s president, Joel Gard, was previously responsible for organizing Coyote Logistics’ entry into Europe. The company’s expansion offered more than 30 countries service to carriers and shippers. Gard’s new position at U.S. Xpress requires him to build and cement the Xpress Technologies unit by providing a well founded leadership structure with the advanced talent he has acquired from inside and outside the transportation industry. 

“Xpress Technologies is solving challenges for both shippers and carriers by assembling an innovation-focused team that is building and deploying new technologies which streamline the digital brokerage process and aids in our curation of a high fidelity experience for our partners, Gard said. "Though our journey has just begun, we’re pleased by the insights and early momentum we’re building with our team, our shippers and our carrier partners." 

The journey began in 2020 as U.S. Xpress acquired a small technology company with a scalable platform and an experienced team to merge with its existing brokerage organization. This action founded Xpress Technologies as a development core for a progressive freight marketplace. The performance of the business unit improved with its focus on a financially disciplined growth strategy. 

Overall, the success of Xpress Technologies has enabled trucks to generate more revenue for the company and its drivers. The new unit services major shippers and continues to deliver operating efficiencies for the company. 

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