HireMaster Tool Makes Hiring Events Easy


By Al Muskewitz
Wright Media Editor-in-Chief
There is probably nothing more frustrating to a trucking company’s recruiting effort than to schedule an event to attract potential drivers and either not have enough staff to handle the turnout or expect a large response and have no one to engage with it.
With HireMaster’s new “Hiring Events” tool, all that guesswork is eliminated.
With Hiring Events, clients can set a one- to three-day event, send invitations to the specific type drivers they’re seeking within a specific radius of an event’s location – all through HireMaster’s vast database of drivers – and know instantly which drivers will be attending.
“The Hiring Event tool is spectacular because … it allows (recruiters) to work smarter,” said Natasha Hammack, HireMaster’s vice president of national sales who has spearheaded the project since its conception. “In the past it’s been let’s push it out as many ways as we could and we’ll just pray that someone is there. This fine-tunes that and allows us to give clients a better estimate of who will be there so they are able to staff it appropriately. It allows them to not waste their money or waste their time.”
The tool, in development from HireMaster’s IT specialists for more than a year, is another innovation brought to the industry by HireMaster and the only platform providing this service that is 100 percent trucking-specific, meaning its entire focus is devoted to the trucking industry. The tool already has been engaged by several major carriers to promote hiring events around the country, reaching thousands of potential drivers.
Hiring Events can get the information in a driver’s hands via text blasts and emails as close as three days before an event, but designers would prefer submissions at least two weeks in advance. Drivers would RSVP via an accompanying link, providing carriers an exact number of drivers committed to attend as well as their contact information.
Clients will receive daily reports on new RSVPs, new declines and an update on total RSVPs. On the day of the event they will receive a report on all attendees.
“This is going to be a great tool for the industry to use to help with their hiring events and we believe it’s going to produce well,” Wright Media publisher Kenny Wright said. “There is a lot of guesswork when it comes to putting them these hiring events together. This should make the whole hiring event more efficient.”
Hiring Events is but one of several new products HireMaster plans to roll out in 2019 as it continues to position itself as an innovator in digital media for the trucking industry.
“We’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve and figure out exactly what drivers want and need so we can leverage that into helping our clients hire more drivers,” Wright said.

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