Wright Ideas: Communication key to mutual success

The road to success is never a journey taken alone. Teams don’t win championships without all the pieces of the franchise working together for a common goal.
A big piece of the playbook is communication. At Wright Media, we’re most successful in helping our partner clients grow when we have consistent feedback on our performance. The more frequent the feedback and the more information shared, the better we all perform.
We’ve seen the greatest success in helping our clients attain their goals when we get that interaction with them throughout the month, every month. We know their time is valuable so any time they can give us feedback on our performance, whether it’s on the hires they’ve made through HireMaster, the leads they’re receiving or helping them launch a new initiative, it’s all applied to finding solutions.
Our network of innovative products – mobile apps, job boards, industry-niche websites – is so vast we can easily make adjustments to keep any partner’s campaign moving in the right direction. And the clients who’ve met the most success see us as a partner, not just a vendor.
We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to solving the problems they have. So instead of being reactive, we’re being proactive – and that’s always been the approach at Wright Media. We want to find out what the problem areas are and the best locations for growth and meet them head on.
At the end of the day we want to be as efficient as possible with the budget we’re given. The more efficient we are, the better the results and the more the client can get out of their budget. The more that happens, the more these clients will use us moving forward and we grow together as a partner. A true road for mutual success.

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Kenny Wright is founder and CEO of Wright Media Corp.

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