Wright Media Launching 2 New Products at GATS


Exciting opportunities for clients and drivers at Booth 3339 in the Dallas show’s recruiting pavilion

 By Al Muskewitz
Wright Media Editor-in-Chief

Nothing gets Wright Media publisher Kenny Wright more excited in the trucking industry than launching a new product to make life better and easier for clients. The opportunity to introduce two just multiplies the effect.
Wright Media, which already has brought such innovations to the industry as the HireMaster driver recruiting tool and the Trucker Advisor driver’s forum, is taking the occasion of the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas later this month to launch two new offerings designed to help clients reach more drivers and streamline their operations.
“We’re problem solvers,” Wright said. “We’re trying to find solutions to our clients’ problems and we do that through software. When we put together products like this, it’s not just to have a product, it’s to provide solutions to these problems. At the end of the day if we can make their life easier, their job easier, that’s what it’s all about.”
The two new products being launched at GATS are HireMaster Call Solutions and PostMaster.
HireMaster Call Solutions is a call-only platform that uses powerful software to determine the number of calls a client needs to make to generate hires, increasing quality contacts and reducing costs. The software analyzes HireMaster’s deep driver database as it grows, identifies drivers matching a specific hiring criteria and then sends automated message through multiple mediums to generate callbacks while determining the best format to reach the driver. 
The benefit to drivers is the only people who will call them are those he best matches with, and there’s always an option to opt-out on anything that’s sent.
“It’s a really cool piece of software,” Wright said. “We don’t have artificial intelligence built in, but it’s about as close to it as we come.”
The proprietary PostMaster software is designed to streamline a client’s Craiglist campaign. It simplifies and expedites the posting and scheduling process and then tracks posting and market performance. In a nutshell, clients can create custom campaigns to multiple markets in advance and deliver them at specified times and places in an instant, maximizing productivity and increasing driver leads.
“What it would take a company eight hours to do they can do it with our software in an hour,” Wright said.
GATS is the perfect venue for launching these new products. Wright Media, located at Booth 3339 in the Recruiting Pavillion of the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, is among more than 500 exhibitors that will be available to the more than 50,000 trucking professionals and visitors to the show.
Wright Media’s team of sales professionals and support specialists, led by senior vice president of sales Jason Troup and vice president of sales Natasha Hammack, will be on hand to give demonstrations of both new products.
“GATS is a fun show,” Wright said. “It’s a good place to network with all of our clients and bounce ideas, see what all is out there. All these trade shows are great places to educate yourself on what is happening in the industry.”
While the new products are designed to enhance client productivity and success, there will be plenty for the drivers at the Wright Media booth as well. Drivers should stop by to register for the Trucker Advisor forum Wright Media launched at the Mid-America Truck Show in March. They will receive a complementary Trucker Advisor T-shirt just for registering and a trucker’s hat if they refer a friend. 
The wildly popular tattoo sleeves Wright Media introduced in Dallas last year also are back. The fashion accessory was so popular a year ago the supply was exhausted by the end of the show’s first day. “People came to our booth asking about them,” Hammack recalled. The sleeves, which come in two design patterns, were a hit as well in Louisville and most assuredly will be on everyone’s to-get list in Dallas.

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