12 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Looking for a new terminal to hang your trailer on? The driver shortage has companies fighting one another tooth and nail for a driver’s allegiance. Here are 12 questions to ask before you accept the job to help ensure you are in the right place.

1. How long has the average driver been with the company?

This question will tell you a lot about how well a company treats and keeps its drivers.

2. What types of freight does this company haul?

If you are a driver just starting out, or looking to expand your experience, you want to know all of your options.

3. How are drivers’ miles calculated?

Most companies either operate on shortest miles or practical mileage. Truck drivers who use shortest miles cover fewer miles, but it takes them more time to reach a destination. As truckers are paid according to mileage, shortest miles are usually not desirable. Practical mileage is the preferred method for regional drivers, as well as long-haul truckers.

4. Is the company forced dispatched?

As the saying goes, “Like it or lump it, you’re going to take it down the road and dump it.”

5. What is the average age of your tractors and trailers?

The answer to this question will likely tell you a lot about the quality of machinery you would be operating.

6. Are trucks “slip seat” or assigned to a specific driver?

Some drivers might not mind swapping out their space. However, this is an important fact to know when considering a company.

7. How does orientation pay work?

You want to be compensated for your time. Ideally, all expenses would be paid, as well.

8. How does the company handle raises?

Starting pay may not always be at its best, no matter your experience. Find out how the company handles its raises.

9. What benefits are offered?

Medical, dental, vision, life insurance, accident death, disability, 401K & retirement benefits, vacation, and sick pay are some specific keywords to listen for when talking with your recruiter.

10. Are there any bonus pay programs?

Companies can reward drivers for efficient fuel usage, superb safety or performance, and many other things.

11. Should I be prepared to store a trailer during my home time?

This is quite a large piece of machinery. If you are not used to storing your own and do not want to start now, this is an important question to ask your recruiter.

12. How long is your lease on the lease purchase program?

Some drivers may want to eventually own the truck they are in. Not all companies offer this, but many do. You can make more money this way and have a good bit more freedom.

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