Hone In on Home Time

Drivers everywhere long for more time at home. Potential drivers are wary of the profession because they worry about missing out on nightly routines. With company acquisitions happening every day, this option becomes more and more available to drivers everywhere.

Fraley and Schilling acquired KBT Enterprises, Inc. on New Years Eve 2020. KBT is based in Fishers, Ind, a mere 50 miles from the F&S base across the state in Rushville. This acquisition will support the growth of home daily opportunities for drivers local to the area.

This makes the company more attractive to potential drivers. It also lends to their own veteran drivers looking to slow life down a bit.

“KBT’s culture, reputation and market align with Fraley and Schilling’s mission to be the First Choice Among Premier Drivers and Transportation Professionals,” said F&S President Chris Seals. “At F&S, our priority is to intentionally grow our company in a way that puts our people first.

“With this new acquisition, we will leverage our fleet advantages to build and grow the existing team at KBT. We are excited to expand our existing presence in the pneumatic tank market and bring our hallmark Lightweight Advantage to a new part of the industry.” 

Since 1995, F&S has utilized lightweight equipment to move essential goods across the United States with continued plans to grow with more than 750 transportation professionals employed across the U.S. and more than 300 in Indiana. The carrier hauls heavy products like metal and building materials, making its lightweight equipment essential to an efficient process.

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