Opportunities ‘Endless’ for Growing Illinois Carrier

By Al Muskewitz

In a little over three years Always Insured Logistics has grown from a start-up straight truck delivery service in Chicagoland to a sprawling fleet of semis. The growth has been strong, steady and shows no signs of stopping.

In the past year alone it has grown from eight trucks to 26 with the immediate goal of growing by five per month.

When Gino Trajkov joined the team as safety manager and director of recruiting a year ago, he came with a promise of growth and has delivered. He has a track record of success; he brought the carrier he previous worked for 120 new drivers in one year.

“When I started working for this company a year ago there were only eight trucks,” Trajkov said. “I told them I was going to bring drivers to them and make them grow.”

He’s made it happen with an honest, tell-it-like-it-is recruiting approach and zero tolerance for safety shortcomings. 

That’s what gets the drivers here, and what keeps them here is a 57 CPM starting pay that can go up to 60-65 CPM and routes hauling general freight into favorable zones that can get them at least 3,000 miles a week. They don’t go to the Northwest in the winter to avoid the weather and they don’t go to the East Coast because nobody wants to drive in New York.

“We have great service and good relationships with our drivers,” Trajkov said. “A driver comes here he doesn’t feel pushed as far as forced dispatch. The only way the driver will leave me is if he gets terminated.”

Even the company’s name comes with a story. Legend has it when owner Jacob Nofal started putting the carrier together he initially had trouble securing insurance. Once he was approved he resolved everyone was going to know the status of the business going forward, hence Always Insured was always on the door panel. 

In addition to the fleet, Always Insured has a 30,000-square-foot full-service warehouse and a 100,000-square-foot lot in Orland Park, Ill., that houses its shop that includes an alignment rack. And it’s all overseen by an operations and dispatch team that has more than 20 years of experience.

“Now that we’ve moved to this warehouse, the opportunities are endless,” Trajkov said.

Al Muskewitz is the Editor of Wright Media. He can be reached for newsy notes and comments at musky@wrightmediacorp.com

To view current driver openings at Always Insured Logistics click this link: https://rb.gy/p32maq

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