Getting Fit is Possible with Fit’s Possible Trucking

By Reagan Payne

As she made her way in traffic down I-20 in Alabama several years ago, an overwhelming sense of sadness swept over Candace Rivers that drove her to an epiphany.

“This is one of the realest God moments I’ve ever had,” she said. “I know it was the Spirit of God talking to me. It said, ‘They’re forgotten about. They think they don’t matter to me.’ 

“I asked, ‘Who’s forgotten about?’ And I’ll never forget it: it said, ‘They are.’ As soon as I heard those words, I was able to realize that right in front of me was a trucker, right beside me was a trucker and behind me. I was completely encompassed by truckers.”

The experience moved her to create something to give truckers healthier, happier lives and let them know they do, indeed, matter. Today she is an advocate for those who feel fitness is not for them.

Her mission didn’t come without extensive research. She would drive down the interstate to various truck stops and examine all the different food options available. Then she started researching the industry and driver health. She became a voracious reader on the subject.

Putting in the work often brings intuition. Without any knowledge of what was to come, Rivers began gearing down her traditional gym efforts in preparation for Fit’s Possible Trucking. 

“Then, COVID hit,” Rivers said. “All my stuff went online and that gave me all the time to get this new program together. And I thought, ‘I think the best way for me to get this stuff out there is to be on Tik Tok.’ I made my first video in the middle of November 2020 and since then I’ve gained right at 20,000 followers.

“But my goal was just to get to 1,000 so I could go live and have sessions longer than one minute with my viewers.”

She is on other platforms as well: Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

As far as content goes, offers a monthly subscription for 10-minute workout videos, nutritional tips, access to a private social media group, monthly challenge giveaways, and even more resources. Her other main hub for content is still her Tik Tok account.

“I have all kinds of videos on there,” Rivers said. “I pray for them a lot. I have stretch videos, I have quick one-skillet meals they can make inside their trucks, crock pot options. I want to give them things that don’t use a lot of dishes and can even cook while they’re driving.”

Rivers does not plan on conducting all her business from behind a phone screen. She shared her authentic and ambitious plans moving forward. Fit’s Possible Trucking will be a welcomed change in this industry.

“I start trucking school next week,” Rivers said. “I want to make sure that they know I’m willing to walk a mile in their shoes.”

Reagan Payne is a writer for Wright Media. She can be reached at

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