Recruiter Spotlight on Danica Long of Roehl Transport

Danica Long’s spotlight came by high recommendation from Tim Norlin, who received a spotlight last year. Her experience in this industry, specifically in retention, proves to be extremely effective and valuable for Roehl Transport.

HM: Tell me a little bit about what brought you to this company.

DL: I started in trucking right out of high school. I worked for LandStar for about five years. At first I did driver qualifications. I mostly worked with owner operators. 

I was looking to grow myself and figure out what all trucking had to offer. I stumbled upon a recruiting position for Arnold Transportation, a small trucking company here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I applied for it and they thought that it would be a great fit. 

But, when I started working there, I actually started in safety. Then I did some retention also for a little while.

Then after doing retention, I was approached because they listened in on my phone calls and felt like I was easily approachable. So, my boss at the time was like, “Why don’t you become a recruiter?”

So, after contemplating for a little bit, I finally stepped into the role and I enjoyed it. I really felt like it is always gratifying: changing somebody’s life.

I recruited for them for about a year. Then, one night at like 3 a.m. I saw an ad for Roehl driver. And I was like, “Hey, you know, they treat their drivers pretty well.” 

They just so happened to have a non-driving position as a recruiter very close to where I live. 

I asked my trucking peers what they thought about Roehl. They said that they are a good company. 

I feel like Roehl really upholds their end of the bargain as far as everything I tell the driver, even after the onboarding process. I’ve been here for two years now.

HM: How did your experience in retention help you get on the front end of retaining them?

DL: It really gave me a better idea of what it means to build a relationship with a driver. I think building a relationship really goes a long way. They feel like they matter a little bit more.

HM: They don’t just want to be a truck number.

DL: Yeah, right. I think building a relationship with them is very important and honestly it doesn’t really take much. Just because I build a relationship with a driver doesn’t mean I’m always going to hire a driver. But I think it really shows how much that they just want someone to relate to them and feel heard.

HM: What separates Roehl from other carriers?

DL: Converting over from household to household good miles to address to address is a really big deal for drivers. By getting paid more accurately for the miles that you drive. I would say that’s a very big aspect.

HM: What is the strangest request you’ve received from an applicant?

DL: I believe the strangest request was to bring the parrot on the truck with him. I actually have a driver that had a pig, and her name was Danica, too!

HM: Name the most promising attribute when it comes to prospective drivers.

DL: Awareness and alertness. We are very big on safety. When a driver conveys to you that he or she is ready and alert to all the possibilities of what could happen while out on the road.

HM: What do you do with your time away from work?

DL: I’m a big music person and I love the outdoors. Walking, hiking, or even fishing when I’m invited. 

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