TransAm Boosts Driver Pay

With an industry-wide driver shortage and turnover often at or above 100%, TransAm Trucking, Inc. takes the steps to keep the drivers it has – and hire the ones it does not.

TransAm recently announced a three cent-per-mile rate increase for both existing and new Independent Contractors. Independent Contractors with TransAm Trucking will now start at $1.07 per-mile loaded & empty.

TransAm also recently implemented an accelerated rate increase for Independent Contractors with an increase of five cents-per-mile after the completion of six months of continuous service. Within six months, drivers’ businesses could be earning $1.12 per mile loaded & empty. This is on top of the many other business earnings bonus opportunities that TransAm offers its Independent Contractors.

Along with this increase, this company doubled its sign-on bonus to $5,000 for all driving positions. TransAm Trucking’s sign-on bonus pays out in four installments of $1,250 after 30, 60, 90, and 120 days. Once this bonus is payed out, TransAm offers a monthly driver retention bonus of $250 for independent contractors.

TransAm pays loaded and empty fuel surcharge, base plates, permits, reefer fuel, and tolls. It even offers an optional discount fuel network and a passenger plan.

“We are thrilled to implement a rate increase for those Owner-Operators who choose to contract their business with us,” said Pamela Caraway, Director of Recruiting at TransAm Trucking.  “This is a well-deserved rate increase that recognizes drivers for their dedication and service.”

TransAm Trucking, Inc. was founded in 1987 and operates a fleet of more than 1,000 tractors and more than 1,900 trailers out of its headquarters in Olathe, Kan. TransAm also maintains fully-staffed terminals in Rockwall, Texas and Tampa, Fla. TransAm Trucking offers over-the-road, regional, dedicated, and local driving positions. 

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